Development services

Helping brands to

Achieve Success

“At Lovell Creative Media, we always want to attract our customers, help boost up the business, increase sales, find new ways that always inspire.” – Robert Kiss founder/ux specialist

Web application development

  • Expertise in the most advanced MVC frameworks on the market.
  • Speed and efficiency throughout.

Mobile application development

  • React Native – Cross platform applications for both Android and iOS
  • Native Java – Android specific mobile applications that take full advantage of the support provided by Google

API development

  • Advanced authentication and security
  • Robust and flexible systems
  • Fully featured back-end
  • Bespoke reporting functionality
  • Database design for speed and clarity

Specialised knowledge and experience in the following

  • Systems for tracking goods
  • Distribution systems
  • Ordering and E-Commerce platforms
  • Cross platform mobile applications

Key features

  • Easily extendable
  • Version controlled
  • Integrate well with external services (examples: debit card processing, google api-s, sms, single sign on, oAuth2 and more)
  • Insanely fast
  • Secure
  • Clean and documented code

Our values

We are on a mission to respond to real world business needs that truly help and ultimately makes life easier for the management, customers, partners and of course employees.

By choosing our services, you say no to technical jargon, confusing terms and slow turnaround. Instead, you will enjoy how efficiently your project builds up.